We owe much of the Festival's success to a diverse group of participating exhibitors and vendors who showcase or sell a wide range of merchandise reflecting Turkish-American heritage, culture, art, and cuisine.

If you would like to participate and promote your products as an exhibitor or a merchandise vendor at the 12th Annual Chicago Turkish Festival on September 4-6, 2014, please fill out and submit the application form prior to July 17, 2014 and send us the photos and detailed information for your merchandise and exhibit to:

Due to limited table and booth space, unfortunately we will not be able to accommodate all our applicants. Following the Festival Committee evaluations and review, those participants who are eligible will be notified via e-mail or phone, and will then have to submit the Merchandise Vendor Agreement (Katilimci Bilgi ve Anlasmasi) form along with their payments prior to July 17, 2014 .

To participate as a restaurant, food and beverage vendor please fill out and submit "Restaurant & Beverage Vendor Agreement" (Restoran/Icecek Satis Anlasmasi) before July 25, 2014 deadline.

To obtain further information you may also contact ushrough .

Thank you for your interest in the festival.


Type Show / Product Name
Art Calligraphy (Hat) Mehmet Sahin
Art Calligraphy (Hat) Ismet Keten
Art Calligraphy/Meerschaum Pipes Nicks Calligraphy
Art Carpets / Rugs Han Hali Sanati - Hereke Hali
Art Carpets / Rugs Yörük Rug Gallery
Art Carpets / Rugs / Bags / Pillows Bayat Kilim Atölyesi
Art Ceramic Arts Firca Ceramic
Art Ceramic Arts Iznik Cini
Art Ceramic Arts Alopasali - Fahri Cetinkaya
Art Gifts and crafts Giftland - Fatos Aninmis
Art Gifts and crafts Village Bazaar
Art Glassware Sisecam / Pasabahce
Art Home Textiles Oznur Sari
Art Ihram Weaving (Ehram Dokuma) Hatice Yuksel
Art Illuminations (Tezhib) Atölye Kaya & Münevver Ücer
Art Jewelry Turqart
Art Jewelry Sonia Derman Harlan
Art Jewelry Ayla’s Originals
Art Jewelry Gulin Bulut
Art Jewelry Serdag AMIL (Serda's Store)
Art Jewelry Artisan Turkey
Art Jewelry Sezin Zotof
Art Jewelry Funda LEVENT
Art Jewelry Akar's Boncuk
Art Meerschaum Smoking Pipes Turkish Meerschaum
Art Meerschaum Smoking Pipes Aznavur Meerschaum Pipes
Art Mosaic Art Savas Arazbey
Art Oil Painting Baris OZAR
Art Paper Marbling (Ebru) Ebristan - Istanbul Ebru Evi
Art Traditional Hand Crafts of Kahramanmaras Nur Korkmaz, Mustafa Toprakkale, Ismail Binic
Art Wood Carving/Marquetry (Ahsap/Markuteri) Kiymet Korkmaz
Beverage Efes Pilsener Beer ARINS Enterprises / Louis Glunz Beers
Food Packaged Turkish Food Products Istanbul Market
Food Packaged Turkish Food Products Best Turkish Food
Food Packaged Turkish Food Products Breadsmith
Food Packaged Turkish Food Products Ta-ze
Food Turkish Coffee Kuru Kahveci Mehmet Efendi
Food Turkish ice cream Mado
Others Banks TCF Bank
Others Communications / Calling Card GS Miami
Others Communications / Calling Card CardOLI
Others Communications / Calling Card Mezun Calling Card
Others T-shirt Embroidery & Design Kurtes Embroidery & Design
Restaurant Turkish Cuisine Tanelli Pizza
Restaurant Turkish Cuisine Gülden Cafe
Restaurant Turkish Cuisine Cafe Demir
Restaurant Turkish Cuisine Turquoise
Restaurant Turkish Cuisine Cousin's
Restaurant Turkish Cuisine Pizza Maya
Restaurant Turkish Cuisine Kebab House
Restaurant Turkish Cuisine EFES Cafe
Restaurant Turkish Cuisine Cousin's IV
Restaurant Turkish Cuisine La Sera Cafe
Restaurant Turkish Cuisine Tulip Restaurant
Show Fashion Show Ankara Olgunlasma Enstitüsü
Show Fashion Show Izmir Olgunlasma Enstitüsü
Show Fashion Show Kahramanmaras Art & Fashion Institute
Show Fashion Show Bursa Olgunlasma Art & Fashion Institute
Show Fashion Show Ayla Eryuksel
Show Folk Dance Erdemir Folklor
Show Folk Dance TACA Folk Dance Group
Show Folk Dance TACAM Folk Dance Group
Show Folk Dance Turkish Modern Folk Dance
Show Folk Dance / The Mystical Sema Dance TÜTAV
Show Folk Dance / The Mystical Sema Dance Tuana Folk Dance Group
Show Music TACA Turkish Classic Music Choir
Show Music NY Gypsy All Stars
Show Music Roosevelt University Jazz Ensemble
Show Music BATE Music Band
Show Music LamaJamal
Show Shadow Theatre Karagoz Hacivat